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9th September 2022

Suzuki named as the official supplier of outboards for INEOS Britannia chase boats

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Suzuki named as the official supplier of outboards for INEOS Britannia chase boats

Suzuki GB is proud to announce that it has partnered with INEOS Britannia to become the official supplier of outboard motors for its fleet of chase boats, which will support both INEOS Britannia, the Challenger of Record for the 37th America’s Cup.


The partnership was officially announced at the Southampton International Boat Show today and will see Suzuki powering the team’s chase boats as it prepares for the 37th America’s Cup which is to be held in Barcelona in 2024.


The America’s Cup is one of the world’s toughest sporting challenges and the pinnacle of yachting. As the British Challenger, INEOS Britannia, led by Sir Ben Ainslie and backed by INEOS, strives for engineering excellence and is pushing the boundaries of modern sailing technology and engineering.


The same drive and approach to innovation has been used to identify the very best equipment and components to support the team, which is why Suzuki has been selected as official supplier of outboards.


The outboard of choice will be the dual-propeller DF325A model, with Suzuki providing the team with 12 units in total. The cutting-edge technologies in the DF325A are second to none, and their famed reliability make them ideal for powering the team’s chase boats.


Dual Prop System

The shape and design of an outboard’s lower gear case unit have a critical impact on performance. The innovative contra-rotating propeller design provides more grip underwater whilst also helping to achieve a smaller, and far more hydrodynamic gear case. It does this by distributing the engine’s torque evenly over two propellers, so that the torque per propeller is decreased enabling the gear diameter to be reduced.


A new three-blade/three-blade propeller set up has been developed to provide incredible acceleration and high performance, which is essential for enabling the team’s chase boats to keep pace with the super-fast foiling monohulls and catamarans. The propeller blade geometry has also been optimised to deliver incredible grip and acceleration across the rev range. One of the most remarkable benefits is exceptional directional and transverse stability which is achieved by each propeller rotating in different directions, helping to balance a craft throughout a turn.


Dual injectors for both cooling and power

Injecting fuel achieves two things: it atomises the fuel and it cools the cylinder. To provide the power and cooling needed, the fuel must be completely injected at precisely the right time and angle. The Dual Injector System uses two smaller injectors that give immense precision, improved atomisation, and increased fuel efficiency.


Direct intake system and dual louver system for cool and dry air

Achieving a flow of cooler, dry air directly into the engine is made possible by the unique combination of the Direct Intake System and the Dual Louver System. This revolutionary approach ensures a direct flow of air whilst eliminating water intake, even in the face of the most severe on-water testing.


Ensuring an engine has dry, cool air is critical for obtaining maximum performance, and something not easily achieved in a wet environment. To tackle this challenge, the DF325A features both the Direct Intake System and the Dual Louver System, a unique combination that ensures a direct flow of clean, water-free air to the engine, even when facing the most severe on-water conditions.


The Dual Louver System incorporates a double shield of blades. The outer row of blades removes the spray from the boat and the inner louvers capture and drain the remaining mist. As a result, intake air is free of moisture and is kept close to ambient temperature.


A proud partnership

Mark Beeley, Head of Marine & ATV for Suzuki GB said, “We are passionate about all aspects of boating and Team INEOS Britannia are at the very pinnacle of sailing as a sport, so it is a huge honour to partner with them. Our outboards are at the forefront of innovation too, so I think as a brand and a team we are very well aligned. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to helping support the team over the next three years.”


Dave Endean, Chief Operations Officer for INEOS Britannia said, “Performance and reliability are key factors for us in everything we do, so Suzuki was the perfect fit when it came to an outboard supplier for our chase boats. We are very grateful for all the work they have done so far to help our support team get the boats rigged and ready. These outboards will ensure that our support team can keep pace with the race boats during our crucial testing and training.”


INEOS Britannia will be training in Palma and then Barcelona over the next 18 months in the run-up to AC37, which will also feature the first ever Women’s America’s Cup, being raced in the revolutionary AC40 class.