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Your Suzuki outboard


As Suzuki built your outboard motor, you can trust us to know all there is to know about servicing and maintaining your engine.

Whether it's a DF2.5 for your dinghy or a DF350A on a RIB, regular servicing will maintain your outboard’s overall performance and is instrumental in ensuring that it remains safe to use. By ensuring your Suzuki is serviced regularly and using Genuine Suzuki Parts, the residual value (should you come to sell it on) will be optimised. Our expertly trained Dealer technicians are fully conversant with the Suzuki Diagnosis System, and are best placed to look after your outboard.

We recommend that your outboard is serviced by an Authorised Suzuki Marine Dealer, in accordance with the service schedule in your owner's manual. Pay particular attention to the service schedule when your outboard is used during prolonged periods of heavy sea conditions.

An engineering servicing a Suzuki outboard.
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