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10th May 2024

Suzuki – the outboard motor of choice for the professionals: Wetwheels

Suzuki-powered Wetwheels fully accessible powerboat

Suzuki – the outboard motor of choice for the professionals: Wetwheels

Suzuki is the sole supplier of outboard motors to Wetwheels. Founded by disabled yachtsman Geoff Holt, Wetwheels is a charity that provides barrier-free opportunities for all disabled people, including those with profound and complex disabilities, to access the sea in a safe, stimulating and rewarding way on board specially-built, fully-accessible powerboats.


Geoff and his team firmly believe in the benefits of ‘blue health’ and everything they do is geared up to improving people’s health and well-being by being on the water.


Wetwheels currently has 8 regional operators throughout the UK, with plans for a further 4 vessels around the UK in the next three years. Each boat is a large Cheetah catamaran that is powered by Suzuki V6 outboards that operate in excess of 300 hours each hours per season.


Collectively, the Wetwheels regional operators take in excess of 10,000 people a year on the water with approximately 65% of participants having never been on the water before.


Reliability and performance are key factors in Wetwheels’ choice of outboard for its boats and are integral to its mission of providing a safe yet exhilarating powerboating experience to its passengers.


With proven technology, precision engineering and performance-enhancing innovations in every outboard model, Suzuki is the perfect power partner for the Wetwheels boats.


Suzuki’s expertise in the marine sector dates back to 1965 when it launched its first outboard, right through to the current day where the Japanese manufacturer is renowned for leading the way with market-leading technologies.


Uniquely, the engines used in its range of award-winning outboard motors have always been designed specifically for the rigours of marine use, which means that all Suzuki four stroke outboards are able to provide quiet, fuel-efficient technology without sacrificing power or performance. From the lightweight, portable DF2.5 to the awesome power of the dual-propeller DF350A, Suzuki has an outboard for every application.


All of the Wetwheels boats are powered by Suzuki’s V6 outboards, with some of the more recent boats to the fleet benefitting from Suzuki’s innovative ‘GEKI’ series of dual-propeller V6 outboards – namely the DF325A.


Suzuki’s proven 55-degree V6 engine block benefits from a number of features, including:


  • Variable Valve Timing (VVT) for greater low/mid-range torque
  • Suzuki Precision Control, which is an electronic drive-by-wire control system that delivers smooth, precise control with instantaneous, crisp shifting
  • Suzuki Lean Burn Control System which makes the outboards incredibly fuel-efficient right across the rev-range by adjusting the fuel/air mixture according to operating conditions. Suzuki Selective Rotation


In addition, the new GEKI series (DF300B, DF325A and DF350A) benefit from a number of dual technologies:


  • Dual injectors for increased cooling and power
  • Dual louver and direct intake system for cool and dry air delivery into the engine
  • Dual water inlet for improved engine cooling
  • Dual counter rotating propellers that deliver more grip and thrust as well as enabling the gearcase to be smaller and more hydrodynamic


Founder of Wetwheels, Geoff Holt MBE said, “It’s essential that we give our disabled guests a fun, exhilarating and enjoyable experience, and that is exactly what we can do with Suzuki outboards. The grip and torque from the dual-prop DF325A is simply breath taking. They are also incredibly reliable engines and to be honest, I wouldn’t trust our disabled participants to any other outboards.


Wetwheels South East in action