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2nd November 2022

Suzuki celebrates production of four millionth ultimate outboard motor

Manufacturing outboards

Suzuki celebrates production of four millionth ultimate outboard motor

Suzuki is proud to announce that the accumulated global production figures for its outboard motors has reached four million – 57 years after launching its very first outboard motor, the D55, in 1965.


Suzuki’s current line-up spans the lightweight and portable DF2.5 right up to the award-winning, dual-propeller DF350. With all models delivering quiet, fuel-efficient technology without sacrificing on power or performance, Suzuki outboard motors are favoured by customers in over 174 countries worldwide.


Its mid to large horsepower models are manufactured at its Kosai Plant, which is in Shizuoka in Japan, whilst its small, portable outboards are produced at its subsidiary facility in Thailand. The four millionth outboard produced was the brand-new DF350AMD model, which has an integrated steering system and started production in October.


The path to the four millionth accumulated global production is as follows:


1965 Start of production

1989 1 million accumulated global production

2004 2 million accumulated global production

2014 3 million accumulated global production

2022 4 million accumulated global production


Toshihiro Suzuki, President of Suzuki, said, “Since the start of production in 1965, Suzuki has strived to introduce new technologies, aimed to produce outboard motors marked by uniqueness, and this has led to the four million accumulated production. We are sincerely grateful to all the fans of Suzuki outboard motors. We will continue to provide marine products and services that are needed by the people and society, through our marine business activities.”


Speaking of the announcement, Mark Beeley, Head of ATV & Marine for Suzuki GB said, “This is a fantastic achievement for the company, and I must take this opportunity to pay tribute to our engineering colleagues in Japan and Thailand who produce the ultimate outboard motors. We’ll be releasing more information about the new DF350AMD very soon, so watch this space!”


In addition to achieving four million outboards, Suzuki also recently announced that its innovative and unique Micro-Plastic Collection Device would be going into production on new models, starting with the DF115B, DF115BG, DF140B and DF140BG models.


This forms part of Suzuki’s Clean Ocean Project, which is encompasses its commitment to environmental conservation.


Appreciating clean water as a necessity of life, as well as for our marine business, Suzuki has been voluntarily conducting a clean-up activity of the ocean, rivers, and lakes, where outboard motors are used, every year from 2010. The Suzuki Clean Ocean Project has three commitments:


1) Clean-up the World Campaign

2) Reduce plastic packaging

3) Collect marine micro-plastic waste and continuously make efforts to protect the environment around the waterside.


Suzuki will further accelerate the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project and contribute to the local community by improving the marine environment through its activities.